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SBAP site update on 24-11-2019

Dears aviation enthusiast,

his week on SBAP web site:
Thessaloniki Airbase
This location is the home base of the 383 Squadron (MEEA) of the
Hellenic Air Force. This atypical squadron is equipped with the Bombardier CL-415.
Follow us on the tarmac and meet the “Big Pelican” always ready for touchies interventions.
Presented by: Philippe Decock
Pictures: Philippe Decock and Hellenic Air Force*****************
Sedes Airbase
Follow us and have a look at the home base of the Hellenic Air Force
350 Guided Missile Wing. No more fixed wings there, sometimes helicopter deployments
but mostly the anti-aircraft material in use. This is a mix between American built ‘Patriot’
and Russian built S-300 and TOR-M1 systems. This is the only one Air Force to have this
kind of mixity in their arsenal.
Presented by: Philippe Decock
Pictures: Philippe Decock and Hellenic Air Force
*****************Airpower 19 Zeltweg
One of our staff traveled to Austria to visit this airshow, which is held every two years.
The reputation of this event is well established, the impressive number of visitors is
the proof. It is also a unique opportunity to photograph the Austrian Air Force machines
that are rarely released by us.
For 2019 the weather was not the best, but the airshow was well rich and interesting.
Presented by: Jan de Clercq
Pictures: Jan de Clercq
*****************Belgian Getaway
A winter afternoon at Beauvechain airbase, a great blue sky and shaving sun, what
can we ask more to immortalize some Siai-Marchetti making training flights.
It was also an opportunity to immortalize five foreign visitors from Cognac airbase,
coming in to spend the night in Belgium and returning the next day to France.
The five visitors was a group of new trainer from the French Air Force, the Pilatus PC-21.
Presented by: Serge Van Heertum
Pictures: Serge Van Heertum

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Mirage M5 BD 09 arrival.

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