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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

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SBAP site update on 22-05-2019

Forwarded message - De : sbap

This week on SBAP web site:
Shuttleworth Season Premiere
As usual, the British airshow season is launched by the dynamic team of
Old Warden airfield. The theme this time was a remembrance to the Indochinese
and Vietnam War. The show was once again a tasty mix of different aviation era.
Presented by: Serge Van Heertum
Pictures: Serge Van Heertum & Pierre Taquet

RAF Marham…After the Tornado
Our goal was to witness the last days of the Tornado at Marham. Sadly
the event dates changed and the last flight was held two week before
our rest in the area. It was than the occasion to see the newcomer in action
and made an overview of the F-35B comcept. Ready? Go into the future.
Presented by: Serge Van Heertum
Pictures: Serge Van Heertum, Pierre Taquet, Philippe Decock & Archives

Beauvechain Air Base Day
Our team did a visit to the Easter holiday event organized by the
Beauvechain Air Base authorities to give an overview of the base activities
and the different job proposed by the Belgian Air Force. The event was a success
and the air display was one of the major attraction for young people interested in a
military career.
Presented by: Marc Arys
Pictures: Marc Arys, Patrick Brouckaert & Jacques Vincent

Events to come:
Duxford Air Festival
Don't miss the first airshow proposed by the Imperial War Museum of Duxford.
The first 2019 airshow will propose many attractions and also unusual flying
demonstration like a Strike Eagle and a Thunderbolt together to commemorate the
D-Day; a Whirlwind helicopter, the only airworthy and many other fantastic
flying machine from the RAF or private owner. Be there for the first opus!

All needed info's can be found with following link:

Much more to come...Stay tuned
Be so kind to share our links with all your interested friends...Enjoy your visit


The SBAP team

Garanti sans virus.

[] ‘Invasion stripes’ als eerbetoon aan 75 jaar Bevrijding / Les Invasion Stripes rendent hommage aux 75 ans de la Libération

Thx Philippe for sharing

‘Invasion stripes’ als eerbetoon aan 75 jaar Bevrijding
Op 6 juni 1944 werd het startschot gegeven voor de invasie van de westerse geallieerden in het door Duitsland bezette West-Europa. Operatie Overlord, de codenaam voor de invasie, begon met massale luchtlandingen, gevolgd door de grootste amfibische…
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Les Invasion Stripes rendent hommage aux 75 ans de la Libération
Le 6 juin 1944, nos alliés occidentaux reçurent le signal visant à libérer l’Europe de l’Ouest du joug allemand. L'opération Overlord, nom de code de l'invasion, débutait par des atterrissages massifs suivis du plus grand assaut amphibie que l'hist…
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Air Antwerp

Thank you to the friends of Antwerpen for sharing the information

[Event] 2019 07 06 and 07 Belgian Open Aerobatic Championship Koksijde Airshow

Photo de Royal West Aviation Club.

Belgian Open Aerobatic Championship Koksijde Airshow

Public · 2 dates · 725 personnes · par Viv-IT et Royal West Aviation Club
Sélectionnez une date et une heure

[Event] 2019 07 12 and 13 Field Depot 2019

Field Depot
Musée du Souvenir 40-45
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Patrouille de France - Calendrier de la saison 2019

Patrouille de France - Calendrier de la saison 2019
Retrouvez nous en Meetings ! Consultez le calendrier pour connaître toutes les dates des représentations de la patrouille en France et à l'étranger.
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[Sonaca Aircraft] First Flight of Sonaca 200 - MSN009 this afternoon ! First Sonaca 200 in UK

Congratulation to the Sonaca Aircraft dream team

[Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht] The lady is back in the sky

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Emergency exercise at Brussels Airport

Forwarded message - De : Press office

Emergency exercise at Brussels Airport

This Saturday 18 May, a large-scale disaster exercise was organised at Brussels Airport. This exercise, supervised by the Governor of the Province of Flemish Brabant, is part of the provincial disaster plan and meets the safety requirements of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which every European international airport must satisfy. Some 500 people participated.

Please find hereafter the links to the press release in English, Dutch and French.

Press Office: Brussels Airport Company – Corporate Communications – Tel. + 32 2 753 53 53

Press office 
Brussels Airport Company


Emergency exercise at Brussels Airport (pictures)

Some pictures of the emergency exercise at Brussels Airport on April 19th. A great demonstration of to demonstrate the peoples involved are ready in case of accident. Thank you to the Public relation dept and all the services of Brussels Airport. (click on the pictures to see) 

Everything is ready to start the exercise. A Boeing 737 with 80 passengers on board was hit by a bus. The bus is on his side and an engine fire started on the aircraft. 

The Firemen and Rescue Dept of Brussels Airport had left their barracks and are fighting the engine fire.

Figurants from the Red Cross and volunteers simulating the victims of the crass are evacuated by the firemen of the Brussels Airport Dept. The “passengers” played their role realistically. 

During the exercise, business as usual for the airport although some of personal are involved and need to react as for a real accident.

A small part of the personal and vehicles involved in the exercise including nearby firemen barracks, emergency services and police from around the airport. A lot of police and emergency services also send teams to participate and learn from the exercise. Cooperation between the different services was also an important part of the test. 

An emergency first aid post was setup in the new firemen barrack. The volunteers continued to play their role as victims.

Amongst the firemen involved, here members of the Brussels Regio rescue service. : Avions construits en Belgique Mise à jour SEA2

Avions construits en Belgique

Peetermans SEA 2 by Jean-Pierre Decock

Saturday, 18 May 2019

liste des aérodromes disparus du fond André Dillien

Merci au rolling spotter de m'avoir rappelé l'info

Super informations pour les avioneux ; la liste des aérodromes disparus du fond André Dillien. Un grand Monsieur de l'aviation aujourd'hui aussi disparu. RIP Sir, Merci pour tout. Lest we Forget

[15th Wing Air Transport - Belgian Air Force] The origin of Belgian Air Force 15th Wing Air Transport

Humanitarian Air Services - European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations - European Commission

Did you know EC had a flying fleet ?

Humanitarian Air Services - European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations - European Commission
Humanitarian Air Services
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[Red Devils Belgium] Come and visit us at the beautiful Air Base of Florennes

[RateOne] Lady Bush

[1 Wing Historical Centre (1WHC)] Le retour du MG-1

Forwarded message -
De : Baudouin Leruitte 

Découvrez ce qu'il a publié.
Baudouin Leruitte a partagé une photo dans 1 Wing Historical Centre (1WHC)
12 mai, 22:45
Le retour du MG-1
Plus discret que l'arrivée des 3 … Voir plus


Afficher sur Facebook


Facebook Ireland Ltd., Attention: Community Operations, 4 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, Ireland

Stampe and Vertongen Museum - Home Page

Another fine Air Museum in Belgium for my foreign friends 

Stampe & Vertongen Museum - Home Page
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