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Friday, 22 April 2011

Comopsair : The Red Devils are back : Air Tattoo welcomes back old flames

: Air Tattoo welcomes back old flames

Belgian Red Devils SF260Info via Alain Delannai

RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire on July 16 & 17.

However, the Red Devils have now reformed, flying SF-260 aircraft, and they plan to return to the Air Tattoo in the summer to celebrate their historic links with the airshow.

Belgian Red Devils SF260
A spokesman for the Red Devils said he was delighted the new team would be taking part in the Air Tattoo. He said: “I hope our participation will serve to emphasise not only our historical links but also the enduring relationship that exists between the Belgian Air Force at the Air Tattoo.”
Air Tattoo Chief Executive Tim Prince, who helped found the airshow in 1971, said the Red Devils would help conjure up a wonderful sense of nostalgia at this summer’s event. He said: “We had some good times at those early shows and I recall the Diables Rouges, with their Fouga Magisters, performed beautifully. It is a great honour to see them return for this special occasion.”
In addition to celebrating its 40th anniversary, this summer’s Air Tattoo will host a gathering of specially-decorated