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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

AIRSHOW : CWH & BBMF Lancaster Shows : Do not miss the shows, unique occasions to see 2 lancasters in flight

2014 UK Tour
Thx to Dave and these magicians at CWH and BBMF, we will have the unique opportunity to see 2 lancasters in flight next August

2TAF MBA members et al:
The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Lancaster will be in the UK during the month of August, making appearances along with the RAF's BBMF Lanc, at 20 Airshows.
Especially for those members in the UK, here's a link to the current schedule (arrangements are being made for an extension of the tour into mid-September).
I wish I could be there; this will be an historic 'Once in a Lanc Time' occasion.

Dave Poissant
Chair, 2TAF MBA Canada. 

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Lancaster 2014 UK Tour

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum will be flying their prized Avro Lancaster to England this August for a month long visit. The Lancaster will join the only other airworthy Lancaster in the world, owned and operated by the Royal Air Force's renowned Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), and participate in several events and activities.
The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum's Lancaster will depart from Hamilton, Ontario on August 4th and plan to arrive in England on August 8th. The North Atlantic crossing will include en-route stops