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Video: "Air Force - Air Field England (1940-1945)"

Unused / unissued material - dates and locations unclear or unknown.

Various shots of American air base in England (East Anglia?) Various shots showing typical activity of USAFE (United States Air Force in Europe) air base: bombers taxiing on runway, crews of airmen on jeeps, mechanics on bicycles and even a farmer using horse drawn plough in fields next to air base. Various shots ground crew testing guns and propellers on bomber. Various shots ground crew loading bombs on to plane. Various shots planes landing.

Various shots USAF (United States Air Force) officers in control room looking at maps, including Colonel Carl R Storrie of 387th Bombardment Group. Various shots showing bomber crews leaving on bombing mission: we see them leaving their barracks, piling onto jeeps (some sit on bonnet and roof) and driving to bombers. Various shots crew loading equipment on to Marauder ? bomber ("Tail End Charley"). Various C/Us of cameraman on board bomber checking his camera.

Good C/Us crew on board bomber as plane prepares for takeoff - all look young and nervous. Various shots planes taking off. Various aerial shots of air base. Various shots row of bombers taxiing, taken from one of the planes. More aerial shot of fields, other airborne bombers in formation, gun fire from enemy planes. Good C/U pilot flying plane.

Various shots in USAF control room: American servicewomen (women's USAF?) are moving model aeroplanes around a table map, a male officer writes information on mission board, other officers answer phones and study books More aerial shots landscape (France?), we see planes dropping bombs on coast.

Some shots repeated, also some spacing between shots.
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