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Video: "London - Belgium Air Race Using Rfc Bombers (1910-1919)"

London - Belgium air Race using Royal Flying Corps bombers.

Shots of soldiers lifting bags of mail. MS 4 of the guys pose together. CU mailbag marked 'Brussels via Ghent'. CUs 2 airmen w/ stack of bags. Group pose holding small sign: 'Aircraft Transport and Travel; Ltd.; Belgian Service' They carry the bags past long building.

Several Royal Flying Corps biplanes sitting outside in snow; crew starting plane; man turning the prop. MS pilot seated in cockpit; the same sign in previous shot on side of plane. MLS aeroplane taking off. Aeroplane in sky. Shots of aeroplanes flying over, taking off. 1910s. (The RFC became the RAF in 1918; so this must be earlier; not certain if it is during World War One or a bit before.) British; military; cargo
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