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Video: "Koolhoven factory 1936-1940 Part 1"

Thx Didier for sharing

Part 1 of a collection of movie clips made by Koolhoven employee Hans Maas, in the days the Koolhoven company was at its top. It shows the visit by HRH Prince Bernhard and a number of test or demonstration flights of the Koolhoven F.K.56 military advanced trainer, F.K.58 fighter prototypes and the F.K.49A float plane. Also shortly to be seen are the Koolhoven F.K.51 military trainer, F.K.57 executive plane, Fokker F.VIII PH-OTO photography aircraft and Douglas DC-3.

Hans Maas died in WWII as a member of the Dutch resistance.

Visit the website of the Koolhoven Aeroplanes Foundation at

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