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Thursday, 24 March 2016

700.000 pageviews on

Last Sunday.I was frantically looking at the statistics of the blog. A few more posts and 700.000 pageviews  were in the gunsight.

And then the horror on Monday morning.

The awfull news were the occasion to get news from friends or professionals in the middle of the rescue operations. The main lesson of this sad event and from messages received from all over the world is we share our passion with whole world.

700.000 is a very small figure compared to highly successful aviation site. 700.000 shares of news from friends is a big achievement proving the key is sharing our passion.

When I started, the main source of information was websites. Today and more and more, information is delivered in real time via social networks and mails. We are never alone. We have 24 hours a day, friends sharing their knowledge, their incredible skills, pictures or the marvels they discover.  

Thanks you to our readers and to all the friends who practice the only way to make this world better : share, share and share again.

You are always welcome to add friends to our mailing lists and share your news.

And now, let’s break new frontiers, the sky is the limit.