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Update Brussels Airport - 23 March 2016 at 12:39

Forwarded message - From: MEDIA Mailbox

Dear press,

Please find an update for Brussels Airport regarding airport operations.

1.     There will be no passenger flights tomorrow. Brussels Airport and airlines are in narrow contact to find suitable solutions for all passengers.

2.     Brussels Airport is looking at the possibilities to start cargo flights today or tomorrow. Brucargo landside has been cleared since yesterday. As soon as Brucargo airside is cleared, cargo flights could resume.

3.     Passengers who left their luggage at the airport yesterday, are requested to contact their airline or their handlers. This is the fastest way to retrieve the luggage. If there is no representative office of the airline at Brussels Airport, passengers are requested to fill out the lost luggage form on the website of Brussels Airport

4.     Passengers who have cars at the airport parking can't retrieve their car yet. Brussels Airport will communicate as soon as possible about any changes.