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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Ne pas faire l'erreur de transformer les aéroports en forteresses par Gil Roy

If I Learned something from my very short military experience this is if the enemy want to cross your line and he put the needed ressources he will cross your line. But if you are ready, if you put enough ressources, you can slow him or stop him. I heard too much ideas on what was not done. It is good to have the analysis of a true expert. By the way, the efforts of the security services in Brussels airport are recognized.

Après l'attentat commis à Bruxelles-Zaventem, pour les pouvoirs publics, la tentation est grande de renforcer les contrôles d'accès aux aéroports. C'est pourtant l'aéroport européen qui dispose du plus...Lire la suite