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[Aviation preservation] The Mirage 5BD DB09 Back to Belgium (Brustem)

Yesterday February 1st The BD09 was delivered by trucks from Bordeaux to Brustem.
Acquired by a former pilot of Mirage, the aircraft will be restored and displayed at the Limburg Regional Airport in Brustem.

The  acquisisition, transport, and arrival of this aircraft in excellent condition permitted to demonstrate the enthousiasm, skills and dedication of he team behind the project. Many retired Mirage pilots, ground crews or simply Mirage fans were present.

At the end of the day, the aircraft was on her wheels and the engine on her dolly 

VIDÉO | Le retour du Mirage-5 «DB 09» en Belgique grâce à des passionnés
Un ancien pilote belge vient d'acquérir le Mirage-5 «BD09» des années 70. Quinze techniciens, dont un Modavien se sont lancés dans sa restauration.
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