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[AVIATION24.BE] Airbus to provide satellite communications for Belgian Armed Forces

[AVIATION24.BE] Airport wars: Wallonia caps number of flights at Liège, Ostend invites frustrated operators

[AVIATION24.BE] Cargolux & GE Aerospace enter long term agreements


[AVIATION24.BE] F-35: Pentagon and Lockheed Martin finalise Lot 15-17 agreement that includes the first delivery to Belgium

[] Antwerp Airport must not close and may even continue to grow, albeit with Flemish subsidies


[AVIATION24.BE] Belgian Red Flames and Red Devils introduce newest Brussels Airlines Belgian Icon "Trident"

[AVIATION24.BE] SABENA memorabilia up for sale, including the iconic logo

[AVIATION24.BE] Belgian Air Force celebrates the 80th Anniversary of the 349th Squadron


[] Air Belgium carries the Belgian Royal couple for a state visit to Lithuania

[AVIATION24.BE ] Luxair reconnects Antwerp Airport (Belgium) with London City

[] Ostend-Bruges airport welcomes 300,000th passenger this year

[] Belgian aeronautical firm Sabca selected by Airbus to make high-tech actuator for A350 spoiler