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Sunday, 5 February 2017

[BAPA News] : News 20170201: A New Browning .50 in for the B-25

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News 20170201: A New Browning .50 in for the B-25

BAPA warmly thanks Mr. Vincent Pécriaux ( for the donation of a Browning .50 "aeronautical version" machine gun in quite good condition but incomplete, only the internal mechanism and the barrel are missing.

This machine gun has already found its place. It will be installed in the nose of the B-25 at the front gunner position.

This gun joins the other .50 of our collection, artifact from a crash zone of a P-51 Mustang (44-15016), found in 1991 in Arville near Sart-Bernard.
BAPA currently has two nearly identical Browning .50 "aviation" machine-guns. With these two incomplete models, we intend to realize the drawings of a complete machine-gun and to be able to reconstruct replicas as close as possible to the originals.

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