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Sunday, 5 February 2017

[BAPA News] : News 20170201: A New Browning .50 in for the B-25

 Forwarded message - From: BAPA News

News 20170201: A New Browning .50 in for the B-25

BAPA warmly thanks Mr. Vincent Pécriaux ( for the donation of a Browning .50 "aeronautical version" machine gun in quite good condition but incomplete, only the internal mechanism and the barrel are missing.

This machine gun has already found its place. It will be installed in the nose of the B-25 at the front gunner position.

This gun joins the other .50 of our collection, artifact from a crash zone of a P-51 Mustang (44-15016), found in 1991 in Arville near Sart-Bernard.
BAPA currently has two nearly identical Browning .50 "aviation" machine-guns. With these two incomplete models, we intend to realize the drawings of a complete machine-gun and to be able to reconstruct replicas as close as possible to the originals.

More information about the news on

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

BAPA.BE : A B-25 back to Belgium : Wright 2600 engines delivered in Gembloux

We did it again, the engines have been delivered to the BAPA Workshop !

Dear Friend,
We succeeded (one more time)!
On Thursday, August 7th, both Wright engines for the project " A B-25 back to Belgium " arrived in the workshop of the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association ( BAPA) at Gembloux.
It was only possible thanks to the wonderful support of generous sponsors, the BAMF and the volunteers of the BAPA. We thank them all.
Small step backward. At the end of May, one of our numerous foreign correspondents indicated us the existence of both engines in Ireland. He went in Eire and negotiated a price far below our craziest expectations. The purchase of these engines should  have been 6 times more expensive in the USA.

Immediately, a small team of the BAMF and the BAPA volunteers started the quest  of the needed money.  A appeal to donations was launched mid June and was echoed by numerous friends and enthusiasts. It was very quickly a success upper to our expectations.

Once the budget reached, it was necessary to organize the payment and the transport. The seller received other offers. It was thus necessary to act fast and with a lot of discretion. This is why we observed a total blackout since in the middle of July. We had some cold sweat but after some " brain and emails  storms " (one of our specialties) but  the engines arrived safe and sound.
Thanks to a mixture to the long experience and  the art  of improvisation of the members of the BAPA and the BAMF.

This success was possible only thanks to our generous donors and to others who helped us to prepare the communication for the collection of funds(collections).  Let us not forget those who widely echoed our appeal.  Last but not least, thanks  to the volunteers of the BAMF and the BAPA who one more time demonstrated their passion and full commitment for the conservation of our aeronautical heritage.

Before the end of September, we shall organize an event for our supporters to show the engines and our other achievements of 2014.

Thank you again and go ahead for new adventures.

Delivery of the engines (2014/08)

A B-25 Back to Belgium Project

Yves Duwelz

Belgian Aviation Preservation Association (BAPA)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

B-25's during the Battle of the Bulge

The important role of the crews of the North American B-25 Mitchell of the Royal Air Force during the Battle of the Bulge is most of the time ignored. The Mitchell's boys smashed the German logistic centers during the battle. The flak was heavy.  Gaston Mertens was killed over Manderfeld on 1/13/1945. The missions were performed in awfully difficult circumstances but they did the job.   

Here are films where the RAF B-25's are show during these operations

Autour de Bastogne
Clip Better…

11 janv. 1945 929 vues 02min 00s
- Colonne de camions militaires américains sur une route aux environs de BASTOGNE - Panneau indicateur de cette ville à un croisement - Plusieurs plans du convoi - Escadrille d'avions alliés en vol - Divers plans du bombardement des environs de BASTOGNE par l'aviation alliée : chapelets de bombes, explosions au sol, bombardiers en vol - Plusieurs plans d'une escadrille d'avions de transport parachutant du matériel - Plusieurs plans des soldats américains échappés de BASTOGNE (lors de son encerclement par les allemands) marchant dispersés, puis posant, en groupe, le visage noirci à leur retour dans les lignes alliées.

My channel is a NON PROFIT channel dedicated to Remembrance of the WW2 allied soldier."RAF Warfront." 1 January 1945: B25 Mitchells shown in action; while returning their pilots are told not to land at their usual airfields. Film of wrecked Mitchells etc. on airfield in Belgium/Holland sector following German attack. RAF Spitfires retaliate - good footage of dogfights with Me 109s. Messerschmitts crash into the snow; a German pilot bails out; one is shot down over a town; another crash-lands near a tramway. Shots of wrecked aircraft and dead pilots. The "battle of New Year's Day" is a reminder of the dangers of relaxing while the German "tiger" is still active.Video Provided & Authorized by Imperial War Museum. All rights reserved.

Belgian Aviation Preservation Association (BAPA)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Your help is badly needed : Engines for the B-25 Mitchell, Please help

Dear Friend,
An airplane without an engine is a glider. You all know it. We have a fantastic opportunity to acquire the two engines for our (your) famous B-25. The budget is extremely reasonable. We had expected to pay 15.000 euro for the engines, we can acquire them for 5.000. But we need your support. And we need it quickly, the seller will not wait for centuries.

All donations are welcomed. If 100 generous donators like you give 50 euro, the engines will be ours.
Your name as a donator will be engraved on a plaque affixed to either of the engines.

Donations can be made to 
BAPA asbl on account IBAN BE81 3631 1427 4124
BAMF asbl on account IBAN: BE96310184476205 BIC: BBRUBEBB (donations above 40 euro are tax-deductible)

Please mention on your payment slip “Gift B-25” and your e-mail address (allowing us to keep you posted on the B-25 restoration status
Please forward this mail to all persons you know who could be interested to join and be so partly owner of a warbird.

Donations from 1000 euro upwards will be offered a flight (from Grimbergen) on either a Piper Cub or a Chipmunk

B-25 restoration project information are available via link:

Thank you beforehand for your support, hoping to meet you soon

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mitchell 44-30925 found a new home.

Monday May 27th, 2013 the B-25 Mitchell 44-30925 moved from Grimbergen to Gembloux (Belgium)
Acquired in 2005 thanks to a fund raising campaign organized by the bamf, the aircraft arrived in Belgium in June 2005. From 2008, the paint was removed on the airframe and anti corrosion processes were applied sparing years of manual operations and permitting a safe storage of the aircraft.
In 2010, an agreement was found with the Recreatief Vliegveld Grimbergen to store the aircraft. Unfortunately for environment reasons, it was impossible to start restoration activities there.
A quest for a suitable location and spare parts then started.
In 2011, one of the volunteers of the original B-25 team acquired a workshop in an industrial building in Gembloux in the heart of one of the most dynamic region of Belgium. An herculean work started to setup the place ready to welcome the Mitchell. A new organization the Belgian Aircraft Preservation association (BAPA) was funded to group the persons taking an active part in the project. The Bamf continued to support the project.
In 2013, a first transport was organized. The main spar and parts of the Mitchell arrived in Gembloux. Due to bad weather and the works still to be done in Gembloux, the final move was postponed to 2013. Incredible progresses were done with storage space being increased and a sand blasting machine being installed. Learning from the past, security, procedures and decent working conditions were in the priorities.
To avoid any administrative problems the ownership of the Mitchell was transferred to BAPA in December 2012. Although no communication was done about the new organization, some new and skilled talented volunteers already joined.
On Sunday May 26th, 2013 a small team went to Grimbergen to prepare 44-30925 for her next travel.
The ferry was successful and all the parts of the aircraft are now reunited in the new workshop of the BAPA.
The restoration can now start. BAPA is still looking for parts, tools (an air compressor and metalworking tools are on the high priority list), money and motivated volunteers to work on this projects and new ones we have already secured.
You can contribute via the bamf (please mention "Don B-25) from
BAPA plan an official inauguration on her workshop soon.

Past events of the project

B-25 arrival at Gembloux 2013 05

Pictures taken by Laurent, Eric, Robert and Gael during the transfert of the B-25 from
Grimbergen to Gembloux on May 26 and 26th, 2013.
109 photos,

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Video: "Film Star 'Laden Maiden'/ 'Gorgeous George Ann' - NA B25J Mitchell of 'Catch 22 (c)R.Griffith"

Discovered by Eric, this video shows the slow path to death of the B-25, some of us saved some years ago.
We hope to give good news about this project soon but you can already know Laden Maiden is now in good hands.


Film star B25J sits sadly at Coventry (Babbington) airport slowly rotting. 44-30925 / NL9494Z flown into the UK in 1978 to be 'Laden Maiden' and Abombinable Snowman' in Catch 22 and ''Gorgeous George Ann' in Hanover Street.

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