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[] Book : B-25 in RAF Squadron

 Squadrons! No 16 : The North American Mitchell, The Dutch, French and Poles  9782918590989

Squadrons! No 16 : The North American Mitchell, The Dutch, French and Poles (RAF in Combat 9782918590989)
€ 15.99
EU: incl. tax € 16.95


August 27 and 28th : 320 (Dutch) Squadron Reunion - Dunsfold Aerodrome

Forwarded message - From: David Poissant
Cc: Everard Bakker <>

The following message is forwarded from Everard Bakker, who is very active in 2nd TAF memorial activity in the Netherlands.

Dave Poissant
Chair, 2TAF MBA Canada

From: Everard Bakker []
Sent: Thursday, August 4, 2016 8:32 PM
To: Everard Bakker <>

On August 27th and 28th there is a reunion of the Dutch 320 squadron RAF at Dunsfold aerodrome.  320 Flew from this airfield from Feb till Oct 1944. 48 Members never came back.

The reunion is organised by Morven Voorspuy, son of Henk who made 71 ops as a pilot officer with 320.

This reunion shall take place during the airshow of Wings and Wheels .

In addition to the RAF Red Arrows and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, the B-25 of the Dutch Air Force will also participate in the air show.

The two engine medium bomber is, especially for this weekend, painted in the WW 2 colours.

The Dutch 320 shall come over, together with the last veterans of the squadron!
The veterans will visit Dunsfold on Saturday the 27th:

Bomb aimer    André Hissink              97 years          66 ops              DFC.
WOP                Edward Hoenson         94 years          89 ops              DFC.
Groundcrew    Eduard Jacob               92 years
Groundcrew    Camille Stritzko           90 years

The veterans will bring a salute to their friends.

The Dutch 320 sqn lost 48 members during their stay at Dunsfold!

For Mr Jacob, this is a great wish come true. He will visit the airfield where he had a personal talk with the Allied Supreme Commander General Eisenhower.

For more information see

I hope to meet you on Dunsfold aerodrome.

With kind regards,

Ps: this message sent to a wide distribution list.


[L'Echarpe Blanche] USA: l’unique PBJ-1J Mitchell en état de vol retrouve la voie des airs

Bertrand Brown a publié:" Après une restauration de 23 ans par le Southern California Wing de la Commemorative Air Force"

Nouvel article sur L'Echarpe Blanche

USA: l'unique PBJ-1J Mitchell en état de vol retrouve la voie des airs

by Bertrand Brown
Après une restauration de 23 ans par le Southern California Wing de la Commemorative Air Force, le North American PBJ-1J "Semper Fi" a revolé le 15 mai dernier à Ventura. Le PBJ était une version du North American B-25 Mitchell destinée à l'US Navy et à l'US Marine Corps.


B-25 Going to Australia for Restoration

Thx David
Forwarded message - From: David Poissant

MBA Members:

After the disappointment a few years ago over the B-25 'Super Rabbit' what was going to join Steve Searle's collection in Australia, here's some very welcome news of the B-25 'Lucky Lady' now on its way to join the Reevers warbird collection in southern Australia:



Video: "RNLAF PH-XXV North American B-25 Mitchell at Teuge Airport"

18-04-2015, RNLAF PH-XXV North American B-25 Mitchell at Teuge Airport

Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht
70 jaar bevrijding
70th Anniversary of the liberation
Flypast Vaassen, Epe, Oene, Heerde, Wapenveld and Elspeet

©2015 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066


Video: "North American B-25 Mitchell"

First flown in 1940, the Mitchell saw extensive use in both the Pacific and European theaters of operations. A medium-range bomber, it carried a payload of 2,000 pounds and was heavily armed.

©2015 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066


Ceremony Hees Nijmegen. Salute to the crew of Mitchell FW-211. 98th squadron RAF.

Forwarded message - From: Dave Poissant 

2TAF MBA Members:
The note below is from Everard Bakker of The Netherlands; the crew they are commemorating, and looking for images of, is that of VO-Y serial FW211 of 98 Sqn, 25 Sep 44:
P/O S. Harrison (Pilot)
F/O G.R. Munton (Observer)
F/S H.M. Nottle (Wireless Op/Air Gunner)
F/S R.G. Taylor (Air Gunner)
All were KIA that operation except for F/S Taylor who was taken prisoner.
In an earlier ceremony, Everard and his group commemorated the crew of VO-N serial FW194, all of whom were killed during the same operation (see 'Honouring the Crew of FW194' in Dispersals November 2011 issue).
Dave Poissant
2TAF MBA Canada
----- Original Message -----

Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 11:05 AM
Subject: Ceremony Hees Nijmegen. Salute to the crew of Mitchell FW-211. 98th squadron RAF.

Dear David,

I've great news.

For your information.

25 Sept 2014 we will organise an new ceremony at Hees/ Nijmegen.
Exactly 70 years ago an Mitchell of the British 98 squadron, fw-194, crashed at Hees.
This Mitchell flew in an formation together with the Dutch 320 squadron.
Their target was to bomb Germans FLAK. It was the last day of the battle of Arnhem.

Mitchell FW-194 was crashed at Arnhem. In 2010 and 2011 we organised a ceremony fort his crew.

First ceremony.  see 1.10 min. This is the FW-211; the Y of Yankee of the 98th.

Two months ago we found out the exact crash location of Mitchell FW-211.
See the original film which is made of the crash; original film
See another shoot. look at min 6.32.

Next month the ceremony will take place in the Petruskerk at Hees/ Nijmegen, 100 yards away (straight ahead) of the crash location.

The ceremony will take place with an eye witness, she is 95 years old. She is looking forward to meet the relatives!
She remembers just like it has happen yesterday.

At least 7 relatives of the crashed crew will come over
Three veterans of 320 will bring a last salute to those brave men of the 98th.
(one of them met President Obama last June at the D-day anniversary/ another one met Gen Eisenhower June 1944 at Dunsfold, the third made 88 ops!

The last commander of the 320 squadron will be the ceremony master

Date;               25th September 1944
Location;         Petruskerk Hees.
                        Schependomlaan 85 Nijmegen.
Time;              Will ended at 18.20u with a last post, and a fly bye of a spitfire.
This is the moment of the crash exactly 70 years ago.

If you are interested I will inform you about the progress.

Dear Andrew, would you be so kind to search for the relatives of Nottle.

We are also searching for the relatives of Harold M. Nottle, see attachments.

We are also still searching for the relatives of Thomas Lennie, co-pilot of the FW-194.

See also the blog of Steve Dyke. He was a hero.

We are searching for a picture of the crew, could you help us?

With kind regards,
Everard Bakker

with thanks to Steve Dyke, his great uncle was George Munton.

During the 70 anniversary of Market Garden there are a lot of events.

20 September. Parachute drop and wreath-laying. Ginkel Heath, Ede.
Official Memorial Service and laying of flowers by schoolchildren. Arnhem Oosterbeek War (Airborne) Cemetery, Oosterbeek.

20 September parade pipes and drums in the center (14.30-15.30u) of Arnhem.

On the 21 sept (14.00 – 15.30u) the waalcrossing; done bij the Dutch army.

On 14 sept 350 oldtimers will drive from Leopoldsburg to Valkenswaard. Salute operation Market Garden.


Video: "North American B-25 Mitchell"

First flown in 1940, the Mitchell saw extensive use in both the Pacific and European theaters of operations. A medium-range bomber, it carried a payload of 2,000 pounds and was heavily armed.

©2014 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066


Video: D-Day "The Royal Air Force 1945/1947 Part 5/6 - The Air Plan" (including Typhoons & Mitchells)

The Transportation plan was a vital task performed by Allied air forces to disrupt the logistic of the German army before, during and after D-Day. This movie published after WW2 depicts the roles of the 2nd Tactical Air Force until the liberation of Brussels

©2014 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066


Video: "The Restorers - A short Diary of the B-25 "Sandabar Mitchell" Recovery"

Our Friend Adam and Kara sent us this great video Diary.Kara Martinelli recalls "You may have heard about Todd and Patrick, the guys out of Michigan who raised some money to go rescue a B-25 bomber known as the Sandbar Mitchell. They have certainly been spreading the word about their endeavors. That's how we found out about them. Through a posting on Facebook from another airplane related page. We read the story and thought it would be perfect for our show. It's totally different from our other stories, which usually are about completed projects. And mostly about those that fly. So when we heard about this, Director Adam White and I thought, "We never get a chance to actually film a recovery while it's happening." So we called them up and asked them if it were cool to tag along and film it."

©2014 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066


Video: "North American B-25 Mitchell"

by Wings
North American B-25 Mitchell.

Copyright © 2011 Malcolm Auld

This video and audio material may not be reproduced in any form (except as an embedded video on any other website), without written permission.

©2014 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066


Nice picture of Grumpy

Astonishing Aviation Photography
Take a look at this amazing collection of photos taken by David Bracher of various aircraft from the many different eras of aviation. This is probably one of the best sets of aviation photos we have ever seen!
Clip Better…

View Now


The Restoration of Sandbar Mitchell

The Restoration of Sandbar Mitchell

Welcome to the Restoration of the B-25J Sandbar Mitchell. Here you will find monthly updates on the restoration of Sandbar Mitchell.

Update for December 2013: The museum has been incredibly busy since getting Sandbar Mitchell back to the museum shop here in Michigan. The center section of Sandbar Mitchell has been visually inspected and pieces are coming off in the restoration process.

The museum has enlisted this incredible group of high school students who are a major part of the labor force. Under the mentoring of director Patrick, they start with a broom and work their way up to drilling rivets. These young men come over after school and with all that youth and enthusiasm are really making great strides in meeting the ten year goal to having Sandbar Mitchell airworthy.
see more on


September 1 : BAPA official startup & workshop inauguration

BAPA official startup & workshop inauguration

On September 1st,  the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association was officially launched and our workshop was also officially opened. We had a party with some of the friends who helped us to make these two initiatives successful. 

See more at

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.


Mitchell 44-30925 found a new home.

Monday May 27th, 2013 the B-25 Mitchell 44-30925 moved from Grimbergen to Gembloux (Belgium)
Acquired in 2005 thanks to a fund raising campaign organized by the bamf, the aircraft arrived in Belgium in June 2005. From 2008, the paint was removed on the airframe and anti corrosion processes were applied sparing years of manual operations and permitting a safe storage of the aircraft.
In 2010, an agreement was found with the Recreatief Vliegveld Grimbergen to store the aircraft. Unfortunately for environment reasons, it was impossible to start restoration activities there.
A quest for a suitable location and spare parts then started.
In 2011, one of the volunteers of the original B-25 team acquired a workshop in an industrial building in Gembloux in the heart of one of the most dynamic region of Belgium. An herculean work started to setup the place ready to welcome the Mitchell. A new organization the Belgian Aircraft Preservation association (BAPA) was funded to group the persons taking an active part in the project. The Bamf continued to support the project.
In 2013, a first transport was organized. The main spar and parts of the Mitchell arrived in Gembloux. Due to bad weather and the works still to be done in Gembloux, the final move was postponed to 2013. Incredible progresses were done with storage space being increased and a sand blasting machine being installed. Learning from the past, security, procedures and decent working conditions were in the priorities.
To avoid any administrative problems the ownership of the Mitchell was transferred to BAPA in December 2012. Although no communication was done about the new organization, some new and skilled talented volunteers already joined.
On Sunday May 26th, 2013 a small team went to Grimbergen to prepare 44-30925 for her next travel.
The ferry was successful and all the parts of the aircraft are now reunited in the new workshop of the BAPA.
The restoration can now start. BAPA is still looking for parts, tools (an air compressor and metalworking tools are on the high priority list), money and motivated volunteers to work on this projects and new ones we have already secured.
You can contribute via the bamf (please mention "Don B-25) from
BAPA plan an official inauguration on her workshop soon.

Past events of the project

B-25 arrival at Gembloux 2013 05

Pictures taken by Laurent, Eric, Robert and Gael during the transfert of the B-25 from
Grimbergen to Gembloux on May 26 and 26th, 2013.
109 photos,

New book : B-25 Factory time by Wim Nijenhuis

I must confess I buy and read too much books. Some books I have forgotten the next day I have read them and a few ones are on the list of the best books I ever read or ever acquired.

Today Daniel and I we had the privilege to attend the presentation of the last book of Wim Nijeuhuis. Wim already offered us 3 reference books about the B-25 Mitchell. There are already a lot of good books about this great aircraft. This one is really different and unique.

Most of the time, the story of an aircraft is a sum of operations, heroic  actions, list of operators but the peoples who manufactured these aeroplanes are totally forgotten.

One of the important part of what was then known as the arsenal of Liberty was the incredible capability of the Americans and the United States to manufacture machines like the B-25 to equip the air forces of the USA, United Kingdom, Netherland of USSR. Transforming a relatively unknown company as North American Aviation into a so effective organization needed to be narrated.  The role played by the different specialists from the management to the most obscure worker is described. Aspects as the building of the factories are also covered.

During World War 2, pictures was used as well for technical reasons, for boasting the morale on all fronts but also to recruit workers. Wim exploited this treasure at the best. The book is illustrated by numerous pictures many never published before.

North American Aviation and B-25 Mitchell advertising are also included as well the aspect of the technical manuals.

This book is definitively on my short list of my preferred aviation books.

If World War 2 or the warbirds are not your preferred topics, this unique book about all the aspects of the manufacturing of an aircraft with a so rich illustration should anyway be soon in your library.

B-25 Factory time, illustrated history of the North American Aviation plants at Inglewood and Kansas City and the B-25 assembly lines. Wim Nijenhuis. Media Primair Modelbouw BV ISBN 978-90-8616-304-5 45 Euro 190 Pages more than 700 pictures

A special thanks for the warm welcome from our Dutch friends and to the fantastic Soesterberg Air Museum.