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BAPA.BE : A B-25 back to Belgium : Wright 2600 engines delivered in Gembloux

We did it again, the engines have been delivered to the BAPA Workshop !

Dear Friend,
We succeeded (one more time)!
On Thursday, August 7th, both Wright engines for the project " A B-25 back to Belgium " arrived in the workshop of the Belgian Aviation Preservation Association ( BAPA) at Gembloux.
It was only possible thanks to the wonderful support of generous sponsors, the BAMF and the volunteers of the BAPA. We thank them all.
Small step backward. At the end of May, one of our numerous foreign correspondents indicated us the existence of both engines in Ireland. He went in Eire and negotiated a price far below our craziest expectations. The purchase of these engines should  have been 6 times more expensive in the USA.

Immediately, a small team of the BAMF and the BAPA volunteers started the quest  of the needed money.  A appeal to donations was launched mid June and was echoed by numerous friends and enthusiasts. It was very quickly a success upper to our expectations.

Once the budget reached, it was necessary to organize the payment and the transport. The seller received other offers. It was thus necessary to act fast and with a lot of discretion. This is why we observed a total blackout since in the middle of July. We had some cold sweat but after some " brain and emails  storms " (one of our specialties) but  the engines arrived safe and sound.
Thanks to a mixture to the long experience and  the art  of improvisation of the members of the BAPA and the BAMF.

This success was possible only thanks to our generous donors and to others who helped us to prepare the communication for the collection of funds(collections).  Let us not forget those who widely echoed our appeal.  Last but not least, thanks  to the volunteers of the BAMF and the BAPA who one more time demonstrated their passion and full commitment for the conservation of our aeronautical heritage.

Before the end of September, we shall organize an event for our supporters to show the engines and our other achievements of 2014.

Thank you again and go ahead for new adventures.

Delivery of the engines (2014/08)

A B-25 Back to Belgium Project

Yves Duwelz

Belgian Aviation Preservation Association (BAPA)