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Dassault vend 126 Rafale à l'Inde - Le Point / India will buy 126 Dassault Rafale

  1. Forwarded message - From: Emile RONVAUX

L'Inde a sélectionné le Rafale de Dassault dans le cadre d'un colossal appel d'offres de 12 milliards de dollars visant à lui livrer 126 avions de chasse, ce qui constituerait le premier succès à l'export pour cet appareil français ayant récemment servi en Libye.

India selected the Dassault Rafale as her next generation fighter. 126 aircraft will be ordered.
This is the first order for the French aircraft. Until now, it was heavy doubts about the export potential of this state of art but very expensive multirole aircraft. The Rafales of both Armée de l'air and Marine nationale are regular visitors on Belgian air bases for exercises. The Rafale is also on show on many airshows in Belgium and France with incredible demonstrations of agility.