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Video: "Resurrecting the Timber Terror - Demo"

They do it because this is impossible


World renowned aviation restoration company, Victoria Air Maintenance has rebuilt dozens of historic planes over the years but are deep into a project that will test their formidable engineering, mechanical and detective skills to
the limit as they work to get The Mosquito, the fastest fighter, bomber and reconnaissance plane in World War II back into the air.
Around the world, teams are racing to be the first to get a Mossie airborne. Resurrecting the Timber Terror is a character driven documentary that chronicles the obsessions, challenges and commitment of dedicated professionals as they work to restore Mosquito B35 CF-HML to her former glory. This one hour multi-platform, interactive documentary follows the process of bringing this magnificent military plane back into the air while reliving, through archival film, photographs and interviews with pilots, mechanics, navigators and enthusiasts, the fascinating history of this remarkable plane. What makes the Mosquito restor... more
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