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Video: "Last Bristol Beaufighter Engine Run 1983 at Moorabbin Victoria Australia."

Ever dreamed to see a Beaufighter ?


This is a mix of clips from old and mutilated VHS footage shot 1983-84. This was to form part of a documentary project, "Ride The Whispering Death", since abandoned as another similar project was discovered to be in parallel development at the time.

The original VHS camera tape of the engine run was in poor shape when it was copied for me and likely may be in even worse condition now. I have cut the worst defects in the vision and manually fixed the worst jumps in the vision frame-by-frame and attempted to grade the colours as best I can.

The engine sound is not all rowdy like other aircraft.

The Beaufighter was not called the Whispering Death for nothing. At climb the prop sound was about 40Hz and the exhaust was fed by double stubs from each of the fourteen cylinders to a circular collector at front of the cowling, thence to a stub exhaust inside of a flame supressor.

Each of the sleeves was driven by a squarecut gear. Fourteen of t... more
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