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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Video : [Vintage_and_Warbirds_Pictures] C-130 Aircraft Carrier Landings and Takeoffs

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You should find this interesting.....

During 1963, a KC-130F aircraft made history by landing and
taking off from the aircraft carrier; USS Forrestal (CVA-59). The crew
successfully negotiated 29 touch-and-go landings, 21 unarrested full-stop
landings, and 21 unassisted takeoffs at gross weights of 85,000 pounds up to
121,000 pounds.
Lockheed's only modifications to the original plane included
installing a smaller nose-landing gear orifice, an improved anti-skid
braking system, and removal of the underwing refueling pods. No tail
hook...No catapult. Painted on the side of the fuselage; "LOOK MA, NO
The airplane became the largest and heaviest aircraft
to ever land on an aircraft carrier, a record that stands to this

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