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Thursday, 12 May 2016


 Forwarded message - From: <andre.richir>

cyber space drone "wingman" F-35 leader drone "wingman" cyber space
The manned and unmanned cyborgs connect the "DOGFIGHT" circuit breakers, leading to :

 EVENTS new impulses may change the air and space: fighters — R & D — space
 EDITORIAL : the F-35 has potential cybernetic fallouts for Belgium
 MEMORIES : MENTORS who did modelled my fighter spirit had RAF wings !
 UNTOLD : a CYBER chain of command, a new operational concept …
 VIDEOS : unmanned "aircraft", kamikazes drones, a female A-10 pilot talks …
 WINGS : she got guts — READ : Jonathan the seagull — THOUGHT : still true 60 years after
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