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Saturday, 7 May 2016 : Book : Het Nest van het Wondervliegtuig

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Het Nest van het Wondervliegtuig

A new book of the air war above Flanders during WW I.

Het Nest van het Wondervliegtuig. Vliegveld Koksijde 1914 – 1918
A hundred year ago, in June 1916, an icon of World War I aerial combat reached
the Western Front. That new fighter plane started its operational life on
the quiet airfield of Furnes near the Belgian coast. The new book of Bernard
Deneckere not only describes the first flights of this mysterious and famous
British plane, but also covers the air war above the Yser River and Belgian
coast. In this air war the airfield of Furnes played a notorious role. Entitled
?Het nest van het wondervliegtuig (the nest of the magical plane)? the new
book shows how the Belgian, French and British (RNAS) air forces behaved
during the five years of severe battles in Flanders. It also assesses the
infrastructure of the air field of Furnes, squadrons and aircraft active
on Furnes, strategy and tactics. This book is full of eyewitness accounts,
official reports and more than 100 large pictures illustrating these heroic
efforts. 170 footnotes, and an appendix with information on the Belgian
Air Force during that period.
Paper back, full colour cover, black and white illustrations, 172 pages
and more than 130 illustrations.
Price 25 Euro.