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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Thermal Overall Integrated Conception of Aircraft”

TOICA-FP7 - Thermal Overall Integrated Conception of Aircraft
Official website of the TOICA project, a European collaborative research project supported by the European Commission. TOICA stands for Thermal Overall Integrated Conception of Aircraft.
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TOICA Stands for

"Thermal Overall Integrated Conception of Aircraft".

It is a 3-year European project co-ordinated by Airbus that started on 1st September 2013. Its Consortium gathers 32 partners from 8 countries for a global budget of 26.5M€.
Thermal behaviour of aircraft has recently become a crucial subject due to many factors: the increasing number of complex systems required by modern, more electric, commercial aircraft, the introduction of hotter engines with higher by-pass ratios, the increased use of composite material in aircraft structures, and the confinement of highly dissipative equipment and systems in smaller areas to gain space for passengers and cargo.