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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Lockheed L14 Super Electra Sabena : Found at Hoboken this Saturday.

The saga started many years ago when I started to search pictures of the 2 Lockheed Super Electra (OO-CAG and OO-CAH) used by Sabena in Congo between 1940 and 1945. Although few pictures of the Lodestars of the Sabena are well known, I cannot find anything until 2017 where Aviation Society of Antwerp published pictures of OO-CAG (
The aircraft is camouflaged as the Lodestar were. I also heard a lot of rumours about a VHS Video which include a video where Lodestars and Super Electra in Congo are on film. But although everybody seems to know this video, nobody had a copy. While sorting of aviation magazines, I found a picture of OO-CAG in Aluminium colours in Les Ailes Militaires Françaises (Nr 12). The colours were again the same as the ones of the Lodestar.

Finally, in 2017, I found a VHS titled “Sabena in Congo during the war” containing well a film explaining the post services between Congo and South Africa during the 2nd World War and showing colour images of a Super Electra in aluminium colour.

In the same time, I was looking for pictures, I was already searching for a suitable model of the Lockheed 14. In Hoboken, I already bough in the past scale models of Modellbaustudio Rhein-Ruhr ( ) and I had the good surprise to find amongst others gem they made a kid for the Lockheed 10 Electra as well as a conversion kit to transform a Lockheed Hudson in Lockheed 14 Super Electra. Talking with Detlef, he said to me he was interested to prepare a kit for the Sabena Super Electra if I can provide to him the needed information. I spent a lot of to prepare colour profiles, I sent to him.

Last Saturday, I had the very good surprise to discover the kit based on the Italeri Hudson (I had already bought myself as a base for an Hudson of John Mahieu Aviation.

A good example of a long quest where history and scale modelling passions meet.

It is also a good example of the role played by Sabena during World War 2, keeping open strategic links in Africa. A good occasion to remember the permanent connections between civil and military aviation in Belgium since the origins as it seems there are again there are attempts to rewrite history and to delete this fact. ( Un rapport de la SABENA ("L' effort de guerre de la Sabena"), 30/3/1945.

Special Thank you to Detlef of Modellbaustudio Rhein Rhur as well to the wonderful peoples of the Aviation Society of Antwerp and their continous efforts since so many years to perserve the history of the aviation in Antwerp and in our country.