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SBAP site update on 12-07-2020

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Dear aviation enthusiast,

This week on SBAP web site:

Brussels Airport: Covid-19 Flts (Part 14)Brussels Airport arrivals and departures between 05-07-2020 and 11-07-2020
Airport activity has resumed normally, not 100%, but charter traffic has increased
significantly. Takeoffs and landings are no longer done systematically by the
RWY 07L / 25R and RWY 01/19 since the reopening on July 08 of the RWY 07R / 25L.
Wind conditions have therefore resumed their right. For enthusiasts,
beware from July 13 the RWY 07L / 25R will be closed for six weeks of work 24/24 - 7/7.
Good flight for this last page Covi-19 Flts.
Let's see the second wave announced and take care of yourself!
Presented by Serge Van Heertum

SEGA-FAIREY-SONACA: A centenary of aviation (Part 1)One of the jewels of the Belgian aeronautical industry, Sonaca celebrates this year
its centenary. Our collaborator Pierre Taquet offers us a summary of these 100 years
devoted to aviation and space in a two parts saga.
This week the history starts at the origins in 1920 until the golden 70's with some
big projects to come. Do not miss this opus for a return to the history of aviation in Belgium.
Presented by Pierre Taquet

So Long "Gadjet" The Alpha Jet of the Belgian Air Force, affectionately called "Gadjet" by the pilots and
mechanics, arrived in Belgium on tiptoe and the end of its career is just as discreet,
even more dull, for an airplane which rendered so many services and trained so many pilots.
The 25 remaining planes will leave Belgium soon, sadly without any tribute,
without any worthy farewell, to go and grace other skies...
SBAP has decided to pay a final tribute to this aircraft, so discreet as so efficient
and so recognizable with its dolphin silhouette.


Much more to come...Stay tuned…
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