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[Bapa] News 20210201: Cessna 310B OO-SEI in our workshop

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News 20210201: Cessna 310B OO-SEI in our workshop

Dear Followers,

This is it! The Cessna 310B OO-SEI has now arrived in our workshop!
A small Belgian-built Clybouw helicopter has been retrieved as well.

Many thanks to the VLOC (Vlaams Luchtvaart Opleidings Centrum) in Oostende for this generous donation. Thank you to the teachers and students from this aviation training center who dismantled the Cessna allowing its road transportation.

Two trucks were necessary for this transport operation. A first flatbed truck for the fuselage and the wings and a second for the smaller parts and the helicopter (many thanks to Literie Libau!). We also thank the Old Flyers Club who bears the entire cost of transportation.

Thanks also to the Clybouw helicopter designer's son for authorizing the transfer of this aircraft to the BAPA.

Everything went well during this two days operation. We will now have to rearrange the workshop and plan the restoration of the Cessna.
Bedankt aan de leraren en de studenten van de luchtvaartopleidingscentrum die de Cessna hebben ontmanteld om het wegvervoer mogelijk te maken.

Eveneens bedankt aan de ontwerper van de Clybouw helikopter voor de overdrachttoestemming van die toestel aan BAPA.

Alles was goed verlopen tijdens deze tweedaagse operatie. We zullen nu de werkplaats herschikken en de restauratie plannen.


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