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[] 2 million passengers passed through Brussels Airport in October

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2 million passengers passed
through Brussels Airport in October 

54,000 tons of air cargo transported 

During the month of October, Brussels Airport welcomed 2 million passengers, an increase of 8% compared to the same month in 2022. The start of the autumn mid-term holidays of French-language schools has positively influenced the figures. After months of decline, flown air cargo volumes record a slight increase (+0.4%) on October last year. 

Passengers: +8% compared to October 2022 

In October, Brussels Airport welcomed 2,016,071 passengers, an increase of 8% compared to the same month in 2022. The two-week mid-term holiday of French-speaking schools in Belgium and the autumn school holidays in the Netherlands boosted the numbers of passengers departing from Brussels Airport as of October 20. On the other hand, the suspension of Brussels Airlines flights to Tel Aviv at the beginning of October had a negative impact on passenger numbers.  

The share of transfer passengers was 14.5% in October, which confirms Brussels Airport's role as a hub, particularly for the airlines of the Star Alliance group, and more particularly for flights from Europe and North America to Africa. 

The ten most visited countries in October were Spain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, France, Morocco, the United States, Greece and the United Kingdom. 

It should be noted that in  the first ten months of 2023, the number of passengers travelling through Brussels Airport equalled that recorded for the whole of 2022. 


Flown cargo volumes: slight increase to 0.4% 


In October, overall freight volumes at Brussels Airport fell by 3% compared to October 2022, reaching 64,220 tonnes.  

After several months of decline, flown cargo volumes grew slightly (+0,4%), totalling 53,646 tonnes.  

The full freighter segment fell by 4% while belly cargo increased sharply by 24%, thanks to the increase in passenger flights. Express services fell by 6% and trucked cargo volumes  by 18%.  

The main import regions are Asia (which recorded a sizeable increase of 31% compared to October 2022), Africa and North America. The main export region is also Asia, followed by North America and Africa. 


Flight movements: 3% increase compared to October 2022  


In October 2023, the number of flight movements increased by 3% to 17,313. The number of passenger flights increased by 7% compared to 2022. There was an average of 142 passengers per flight, two more than in October last year, thanks to the use of larger aircraft and a higher seat occupancy rate per flight. The number of cargo flights decreased by 8% compared to October 2022. 

About Brussels Airport  
Brussels Airport is one of the most important airports in Europe. In 2022 the airport welcomed almost 19 million passengers, compared to 26.4 million passengers in 2019. The airport also has an important cargo activity with 776,000 tonnes of cargo transported in 2022. Brussels Airport caters for the specific needs of business travellers and holidaymakers alike, on intra-European as well as long haul flights. In 2023, it connects Belgium directly with 200 destinations worldwide, offered by 70 airlines.   
The airport also offers a leading cargo platform, specialised in the transport of pharmaceutical products, perishable goods, e-commerce and live animals. Brussels Airport is the most important pharmaceutical hub in Europe with the largest surface of temperature-controlled warehouses.
Brussels Airport is project leader of Stargate, a programme within the EU Green Deal, and works together with a consortium of 21 partners to develop innovations and initiatives for an accelerated transition to a greener aviation by 2026, focused on three main areas: a further decarbonisation, improving the quality of the local environment and promoting a modal shift.   
Brussels Airport is the second most important economic growth pool in Belgium, good for 24,000 direct and 40,000 indirect jobs and is operated by Brussels Airport Company. Its shareholders are the Belgian State (25%) and a consortium of private investors (75%). Follow Brussels Airport on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.  
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