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Guy Van Eeckhoudt a publié dans 1 Wing Historical Centre (1WHC)

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Guy Van Eeckhoudt a partagé 3 photos dans 1 Wing Historical Centre (1WHC)
6 septembre, 19:43
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[] Book : On Finals Special: F104 Starfighter, Individual Aircraft histories of the Starfighters build by SABCA for the Belgian and German AF

On Finals Special: F104 Starfighter, Individual Aircraft histories of the Starfighters build by SABCA for the Belgian and German AF
Deze uitgave gaat over de individuele geschiedenis van de F-104's die bij SABCA in België zijn gebouwd voor de Belgische en Duitse Luchtmachten. Ook zijn de twaalf TF-104G's, die aan de Belgische l
Clip Better…


Video: "F-104 637 startup 260808" Hoping to hear again this sound of our youth

Hoping to hear again this sound of our youth             

F-104 637 startup 260808

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Video: "Dokumentation - F 104 - Starfighter"


Die Lockheed F-104 „Starfighter" (deutsch: ‚Sternenkämpfer') ist ein einstrahliges Kampfflugzeug der Lockheed Corporation, Burbank (USA). Ab 1956 bauten Lockheed und später auch kanadische und europäische Lizenznehmer das Modell in großer Stückzahl. Die F-104 gehörte zur sogenannten Century-Reihe (F-100 bis F-110) und war als reiner Tag- und Abfangjäger konzipiert, optimiert für hohe Geschwindigkeiten und Steigleistung.

Von der United States Air Force, die den Starfighter ursprünglich in Auftrag gegeben hatte, wurde er bis Ende der 1960er-Jahre verwendet, da man später größeren und vielseitigeren Typen den Vorzug gab. Die Luftstreitkräfte mehrerer NATO-Staaten setzten das Muster dagegen bis in die 1990er-Jahre ein, die italienische Aeronautica Militare sogar bis 2004. Dabei wurde jedoch das Einsatzprofil häufig geändert, so diente die F-104 in der deutschen Bundeswehr zuletzt als Allwetter-Jagdbomber.

Unregelmäßigkeiten bei der Beschaffung führten in der Bundesrepublik zum Lockhee...

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Video: "F-104 Starfighter 637 first flight ENBO / Bodø"


First flight in 33 years. More info about the project at ...

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FOne-O-4ever - Centoquattro forever 2015/special

Thx Louis,

 Forwarded message -  From: Louis Nève

From: Hubert Peitzmeier

Subject: One-O-4ever - Centoquattro forever 2015/special

I hope you enjoy this report. 
I send you a report of my visit at the „STARFIGHTRES" facility at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida this November:

Starfighter of "Starfighters Aerospace" - report from KSC, Florida in November 2015, by Hubert Peitzmeier

104 Regards, Grüsse, Ciao



TV Show : Arte 2013 04 16 : Starfighter | ARTE

Thx Emile,

Forwarded message From: Emile RONVAUX 

Ce mardi 16 avril à 22H45 sur ARTE, rediffusion d'un documentaire sur le F-104 Starfighter :
Attention : propos négatifs en raison des nombreux accidents à la Luftwaffe.


Release of new book: Uncovering the F-104G Starfighter

Forwarded message From: Didier Waelkens 

News from DACO :

With this newsletter I would like to announce the release of my next book
in the range "Uncovering the..": The Lockheed (T)F-104G Starfighter.

Teamed up with Peter Gordts to do the captions (not easy to find the
necessary information of a fighter jet that did its last flight more than
25 years ago, but we succeded), this book has 160 pages full with detailed
pictures (I can truly state we uncovered everything... ) and very accurate
scale drawings (we measured the whole aircraft for these drawings) & the
cockpit diagrams (drawn by Willy Peeters) printed on 1 meter large fold-out

It took us 2 years of photographing more than 40 different Starfighters all
around Europe, selecting the 'right' photos out of several thousands
digital pictures to give you a nice and variated overview of all parts,
designing a layout that we can be proud of and making informative captions
that fit perfectly in the remaining space. Just call it a work of pride and
passion for the Starfighter! This is truely a new bible for this famous

And as almost half of the 2000 Starfighters that flew above Europe in the
'60s, '70s and '80s were of the German Luftwaffe or Marine, we decided to
release this book also with german captions. Only a limited number of this
version is printed, so for those interested in a german version: get them
while they are available...

After a superlong marathon this weekend I managed to finish the scale
drawings and dropped off the fold-out pages with the drawings yesterday
morning at the printer, so they can be binded with the picture pages (which
were already printed last week) the coming days this week, as the target
date of release is already this weekend!

Normal price of this book is 34.75 euro, quite cheap if you consider that a
tank full of gas will cost you more and will give you less pleasure, but to
make it even more interesting for you: I give a special discount of 20% on
the price of the book for those who order & pay for it before the end of
this month.
OR you can select for getting 10% discount PLUS a free German or Belgian
Starfighter decal (only the main sheet, with the squadron markings and , in
scale 1/72 or 1/48, worth 7.50 or 10.00 euro) OR you can select for two
free German or Belgian Starfighter decals (idem)!
Just let me know your preference while you order and I'll take care of it...

For shop owners I will give also a discount for all orders done by the end
of this month

Have a look on my website for several preview pages and more info of this

Best Regards

Danny Coremans
DACO Products

PS 1: I might have a very limited quantity of F-16 books back available
soon, but I still need to find out at the bookbinder if he's willing to
process such a low quantity. But for those still interested in getting a
copy of this long-sold-out title: let me know your interest...

PS 2: To make space for this Starfighter book, I'm giving a discounted
price on the F/A-18 A/B/C/D and US Navy F-4 Phantom books: both are now
only 29.75 euro instead of 34.75 euro. Take advantage of it!

PS 3: no news yet of the tooling company regarding the Starfighter
improvement set. In August they promised me I will have test-shots
available next month for the IPMS UK Telford model show, but since then
they have been very silent to me...


Nouveauté Avions et Pilotes : le F104-Starfighter

Forwarded message From: Histoire et Collections

Collection Avions & Pilotes

Créé à la demande de l'USAF, le F-104 Starfighter connut une carrière assez brève dans son pays d'origine et le nombre d'unités qui en furent dotées peu élevé. Mais l'avionneur Lockheed croyait en son avion et le proposa rapidement à l'exportation dans le cadre de ce que l'on appela à l'époque le « Marché du siècle ». Le succès fut au rendez vous puisque plus de 80 % des Starfighter produits, y compris sous licence en Europe, au Japon et au Canada, furent utilisés par une douzaine de pays.

84 pages
220 profils
16,63 € au lieu de 17,50
Pour acheter cliquer ici

port offert à partir de 20 €
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