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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Video B-25 Mitchell in Melsbroek, Bodenplatte including scenes in Belgium

From end 1944, the B-25 Mitchells squadrons of the Royal Air Force were base in Melsbroek near Brussels. In December, the Mitchells executed interdiction missions on targets in Germany in support of the counter offensive during the Battle of the Bulge. On January 1st 1945, Melsbroek and other Allied airfields in Netherland, France and Belgium were assaulted by the Luftwaffe. This video show the B-25 taxying in the snow in Melsbroek, the crews, scenes of Bodenplate and wrecks of Luftwaffe fighter after the battle. Although some scene of Bodenplatte are “replayed” for the camera, this is an important document about the role of the Mitchells in the liberation of Europe.  

My channel is a NON PROFIT channel dedicated to Remembrance of the WW2 allied soldier."RAF Warfront." 1 January 1945: B25 Mitchells shown in action; while returning their pilots are told not to land at their usual airfields. Film of wrecked Mitchells etc. on airfield in Belgium/Holland sector following German attack. RAF Spitfires retaliate - good footage of dogfights with Me 109s. Messerschmitts crash into the snow; a German pilot bails out; one is shot down over a town; another crash-lands near a tramway. Shots of wrecked aircraft and dead pilots. The "battle of New Year's Day" is a reminder of the dangers of relaxing while the German "tiger" is still active.Video Provided & Authorized by Imperial War Museum. All rights reserved.

Yves Duwelz