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Thursday, 18 August 2011

B-25 : Boordschutter Charlie door Brita Granström en Mick Manning


The book of our friend Mick is now availlable in Dutch.
Tail end Charly is about the story of the father of Mick who flow as a tail end gunner on B-25 with the Royal Air Force and operated from Melsbroek. This book was written for children but is a remarkable reference for anyone interested in the B-25 operations in Belgium.

As a boy, Mick Manning listened to his father's hair-raising tales about life as an RAF airgunner during the Second World War (on B-25 Mitchell) . Now, years later, he has carefully recreated his father's stories, writing them down as if his dad was speaking the words. In collaboration with Brita, he has illustrated them too. It's for Charlie's grandchildren -- and for everyone. Find out what it was really like to: Put up with food rationing ! Undergo RAF Training! Take off in a bomber! Face enemy fighters! Survive the Battle of the Bulge

From: mick manning <>
Date: Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 10:39 AM

Hi Yves. 
Tail-End Charlie is published at last in the Netherlands. It is published by Biblion and translated by Karin Benekin Kolmer. If you can give it a mention in your newsletter that would be much appreciated. 
It would be fantastic if the air museum knew about it and could stock it in their shop. 
The recent Dispersals e-letter showed some new film footage via you tube (the Bodenplatte raid) and among the footage I found a few seconds of my father and 'Paddy' on camera... Quite a find for me. 
 All the best Mick Manning

Boordschutter Charlie

Brita Granström en Mick Manning

Toen Mick Manning klein was luisterde hij naar de huiveringwekkende verhalen van zijn vader over zijn leven als boordschutter bij de Britse luchtmacht tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Nu, jaren later, blaast Mick de verhalen opnieuw leven in.

Het is alsof zijn vader de verhalen weer vertelt, in zijn eigen woorden. In samenwerking met Britta maakte Mick ook de illustraties. Voor Charlies kleinkinderen – en voor iedereen.

Mick en Brita schrijven al 15 jaar samen kinderboeken, waarvoor ze al diverse prijzen en nominaties ontvingen. Ze wonnen bijvoorbeeld al 3 keer de English Association Award.

The site of Mick and Britta is at