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SBAP site update on 10-08-2016

Forwarded message - From: Serge VAN HEERTUM

Dear aviation enthusiast,
This week on SBAP web site :
France Aerobatic ChampionshipThis competition was held at Dijon-Darois, our
collaborator was the witness of the event and also
the airshow held on the Sunday for the closure of the
2016 championship edition
Bye Bye...Devil D
After three years, Devil D will left the team.
Be present for him and support him.
Share this action so much as you can ;-)
Presented by: Serge Van Heertum
Pictures: Serge Van Heertum & Red Devils
Next issues:
Evreux National day...RIAT @ Fairford...
Valenciennes National Day...Belgian National Day @ Beauvechain...
Shuttleworth Edwardian...
And much more to come...Stay tuned

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The SBAP team