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News 20190920: Prototype SV-4RS
Dear readers,
The BAPA usually takes care of old planes. This time, we  received an aircraft of the future.
BAPA had the great pleasure to add in his collection the latest version of the most-built Belgian aircraft: an SV-4RS manufactured by Ultralight Concept.
The SV-4RS is the ULM version of the Stampe SV-4 designed and produced by Raoul Severin, giving a new life to this legendary aircraft.
The received structure is one of the prototype cells that survived the stress tests requested to be registered in different countries.
Our purpose is to complete this structure in order to reassemble it and show the manufacturing techniques of this particular version.
We thank Raoul Severin to have thought of us to ensure the preservation of this future piece of aeronautical history.

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