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" Do not bite off more than you can chew "
How would an F-16 fare when pitted against the latest Russian and Chinese fighters ?
(Chris Morgan opinion on QUORA website)

Which F-16 are you taking about? What block? Which country's F-16?
If you're on about a F100-powered block 15 F-16A with AIM-9L and no targeting pod or IR etc then the answer is "fairly poorly".
If you're on about a block 60 F-16E with all the toys, F110, HMCS, AESA, OB AIM-9X, AMRAAM and the rest then the answer is "very favorably".
The venerable Viper is still a fairly compelling package. Latest block 60 plus Vipers pack a similar AESA to the one the F-35 has, can carry all kinds of the latest western smart munitions and missiles, a pilot interface much improved through a new glass cockpit, they are kinematically eye-watering, have a lot more range than previous models and are very very fast especially " transonically ". They can also use all the latest podded sensors and such and the UAE Desert Falcons have a very high end optical IR sensor that makes them absolutely deadly A2A. They are seriously capable birds, make no mistake.

The USAF are upgrading their block 52 F-16 Vipers with the new APG-83 AESA and a better ECM suite. They may also get the new cockpit if there is budget to do it. The USAF uses very capable IR/optical sensors in pods and when all this is brought together, they'll be very capable birds too. More than a match for anything Russia or China have that isn't stealthy.
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