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Brussels Airlines records 23, 6 procent passenger growth in September 2011

  A total of 583,020 passengers chose Brussels Airlines in the month of September. This is an increase of 23, 6 percent compared to September 2010. The seat load factor amounted to 72, 7 percent.
Also in the month of September, the first month after the holiday break of the Brussels based EU institutions and companies, Brussels Airlines recorded once more a strong passenger growth. The number of passengers that selected one of the EU destinations of Brussels Airlines grew with 24, 8 pct. The Africa network attracted almost 14 pct more passengers.
The overall passenger increase (+ 23, 6 pct) exceeded the capacity growth resulting in an improvement of the seat occupancy factor. The seat occupancy factor grew in September with 7, 1 pct. points.
Not included in these statistics are the passenger figures of the charter flights operated by Brussels Airlines on behalf of tour operators.

Source Brussels Airlines