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TV Show 75 Years SPITFIRE BBC2 October 22th 2011 (

Thx Didier & Jules

Via Paul B. :

BBC TwoSome interesting programs on BBC2 on Saturday Oct 22nd:

Episode image for The First of the Few 
14H50 The First of the Few (1942) : 71st anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Biopic that chronicles the true story of how two of the most remarkable men in aviation history - visionary Spitfire designer RJ Mitchell and his test pilot Geoffrey Crisp - designed a streamlined monoplane that led to the development of the Spitfire. BBC TV Guide

20H15 Spitfire Women : British female pilots during WWII. 

Duration: 1 hour. During World War Two, a remarkable band of female pilots fought against all odds for the right to aid the war effort. Without these Spitfire Women the war may never have been won. These trailblazers were part of the Air Transport Auxillary, a thousand-strong organisation that delivered aircraft ...> Show more
Saturday 18:45 BBC Two only on England, Northern Ireland, Wales

Episode image for The Spitfire: Britain's Flying Past21H45 The Spitfire : Britain's Flying Past : 75 years Spitfire by Eoin O'Shea.

Passionate flying enthusiast and broadcaster John Sergeant celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Spitfire with a TV love letter to this most British triumph of design and endeavour. The film follows the story of a Spitfire from birth to retirement and tells the stories of ordinary people with extraordinary tales.

Episode image for First Light23H30 First Flight : Geoffrey Wellum, one of the youngest Spitfire pilots during WWII.

At the age of just 18, Geoffrey Wellum was one of the youngest Spitfire pilots to go into combat in the Battle of Britain. A boy, barely out of school, he was determined to fight for survival. The price of victory was more than he could bear. Seventy years later, that same boy is still yearning to be free.

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