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Canadian vintage wings : Flying the Stringbag to Oshkosh

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Vintage Wings of Canada

Friday, July 29th, 2011. Imagine a foursome of golfers at the Huron Pines Golf and Country Club near remote Blind River, Ontario, about to tee-off from the 18th on a wet afternoon. The skies are dank and glowering, the air humid and close, the waters from the Mississagi River run the length of the fairway. As the fourth man addresses his ball, the others stop talking and the sounds of nature take the place of the gossip and cursing.  Waggling his club head, he hears the raven's croak in the pitch pine behind the tee box, a cicada buzzing like a downed power line and an unidentified sound that stops him mid-backstroke. Far above, out of the eastern sky, comes a clattering relic from some distant time and place. Against the heavy, gray belly of cloud, the black silhouette of a large, war-like biplane moves with great effort and great noise towards the west, picking its way through the mists.