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For really motivated peoples : New release: Sopwith Camel & Pup engineering 1916 - 1918

Sometime, we get requests to share for free technical information to repair, restore or rebuild aircraft.
Here is a good example of the how much cost the preservation and knowledge.

You can buy 200 drawings about the Sopwith Camel and 350 drawings about the Sopwith Pup for 179 Australian Dollars.

You can imagine this is expensive but this nothing if you count the time needed to find, finely scans, restore in some case and (the more consuming) index so much rare documents.

Last but not least take in account the investment in hardware (PC, scanners, DVDwriter, software) and expertise (how to handle such document, check the quality of the scans, store them for the new generations).

Some of us did it for Renard documents and I think to have a realistic figure of how much hours were needed is impossibble.

To have purchased technical manuals from this source ans others, I can guarantee I appreciate the time, dedication ... and the costs to preserve and share some rare aeronautical stuff when I got the documents I order.

So maybe next time, we ask someone of our contacts, everything for free, let's think about how much of his time, his money and his energy he needed to share with us.

170 Dollars is maybe not so much for motivated persons  and a very small participation to the preservation of Aviation Heritage..

many happy landings

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Date: Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 4:35 PM
Subject: New release: Sopwith Camel & Pup engineering 1916 - 1918

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Items of news:


We've finished the marathon digitising project for the Sopwith Pup and Camel engineering plans. The result is here: Sopwith Camel & Pup factory engineering plans 1916 - 18 All scans are at 4000 ppi and in grey scale so that everything that is on the original is present in the scan.


We have added 15 new manuals and 150 additional CAD drawings to the set. All are completely new. The manuals are done to our new standards - in colour, no bitmaps, they work well on iPad, iPhone and Android portable devices. The new version is here (note that we did not change the cover art this time because we like the way that it looks): Bf 109 blueprints, aircraft manuals Messerschmitt Me109 Previous purchasers, please get in contact with us for pricing info on the special update set.


We have download versions of all of our aviation manual titles. This is an easier way to get manuals on to iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android and and internet enabled device that can read a .pdf file. We are currently using iPad in the workshop and it is a big help when we need to get information to the job at hand. It beats paper and lap tops hands down. Here's a quick list of manuals for download. If you don't see it there, just ask and we'll sort it for you. Previous purchasers, please get in contact with us for pricing info on the special update set.


We've also been helping publishers and authors lately by supplying high res scans of Kodachrome slides instead of supplying photos. If you're looking for big colour photos, then any photo you've ever seen in our collection is also available as a big digital file (Multi Megabyte) - often between 40 - 50 MB. This is definitely the way to do it if you are publishing or creating new media. The Master scans are best.

 P-51 A, B, C, D, H, K MUSTANG:

We updated this set a couple of months ago by adding new manuals and a super high  resolution version of Roll HG. Previous customers are entitled to a discount deal in order to get the updates. This applies to all of our titles.


Let us know what you would like to see. In the mean time, browse our shop.

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